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Novetta Core Services

IT Asset Management

Whether you need to deploy, manage, or refresh your enterprise mobility, we have the capability to service your entire device lifecycle.


With direct access to many of the largest manufacturers of wireless devices and IT equipment, your purchase order will never be left unfulfilled.

Wholesale Trade

International trade is what brings liquidity to the secondary wireless market. Developed nations and emerging markets alike, our reach is global.

Repair & Refurbishment

Keeping reusable electronics out of landfills is a priority for us and we have the capacity to repair devices back to OEM specification.

Reverse Logistics

Whether it’s overstock, 14-day returns, or liquidation auctions, Novetta Wireless's tenured reverse logistics solution is built to recover value from new or used devices.


Whatever your industry, we can help build a better end-to-end customer experience through bespoke pricing models, guaranteed pricing and responsible redistribution. Gain market share, boost upgrades and build customer loyalty whilst reducing risk, with our residual value understanding. Find out more about our Swap Program for device exchange here.

Novetta Wireless Esthetic Grading

GRADE A | Like New

Flawless at first glance / Great condition. 

No dents and very few minor blemishes on the body, that are invisible from more than 8 inches away and may only be uncovered upon close inspection.

The screen is completely intact and without scratches. Undamaged digitizer.

GRADE A/B | Good Condition

Good condition. 

Slight wear is visible with moderate scratches on the body and possible minor dings on the corners.

The screen is completely intact and without scratches. 

GRADE B - | Scratches

Good condition Except Back Glass Cracked

Slight wear is visible with moderate scratches on the body and possible minor dings on the corners.

The screen is completely intact with minium  scratches. 

No Battery Guranetee 

Novetta Wireless

Novetta Wireless is the premier global platform where wholesale cell phone distributors, retailers, repair shops, and smaller distributors can buy new and used cell phones wholesale. 

We know that a steady supply of used iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices is key to your business. As leaders of the industry, we are also well aware of the problems caused by inconsistent testing and grading. We set ourselves apart by providing transparency and consistency. When you buy from us, you know what you are getting, regardless of which stock you select.

Novetta Wireless

Finally, an inventory source you can count on Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, distributor, or refurbisher, we are committed to providing you with the wholesale cell phones you need when you need them.

Novetta Wireless is the leading platform where wholesalers can buy phones in bulk.

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